What to Consider when Buying a Golf Bag

Your golf bag is important because it guarantees you will have all your golf equipment within reach and that you will feel comfortable while using it. This is why you must find the best one for you and for that, you need to know what to consider when buying a golf bag. Let’s take a closer look at the most important details regarding golf bags.

The type of bag you need

  • Golf bags come in several types depending on the way you can hold them. You can choose a staff bag which is the most stylish and luxurious but also the most expensive. Being highly labeled and made of the finest materials, they weight very much so they are quite cumbersome to carry around, which is why this type is designed for professional golfers with carrying caddies.
  • Cart bags are smaller and easier to carry since you attach them to a golf cart but are not an option if you are planning to walk on the course. However, if you use a golf cart during your game, this type of bag is the best for you because it provides easy access to every pocket.
  • Another type is the stand bag that features two legs designed to keep it standing on the golf course. These modern golf bags stand upright on the golf course so you can have access to the golf equipment you keep inside them and when you start moving, you can carry the bag on your back. The two legs can be folded and the bag turns into a carry bag that you can carry around on the course.
  • The last type of golf bags is the carry bag that you simply carry around on your shoulders as you move on the golf course. This is the most common because tit’s the most affordable and boasts the most simple design.

Their weight

Golf bags differ in weight according to their type and the heaviest are the staff ones that are made of the finest materials. These weigh around 10 pounds which is why they are not recommended for carrying. Next in line are the cart bags that weigh around 7 pounds and are best to be used with a golf cart. The stand bags weigh 5 pounds or less given that you can also wear them as carry bags and the lightest are the carry bags that can weigh as low as 2 pounds.

The comfort provided

If you opt for a carry bag, pay attention to the straps design and see how comfortable they feel fully loaded with golf clubs. The best choice is a bag with dual straps that can be carried on each shoulder so the weight will be distributed evenly. Also, choose models with a thick strap padding so your shoulders won’t hurt too much under weight.