What Shoes to Wear when Playing Golf

Definitely, the most important element of your attire when playing golf are the shoes that you are wearing. The right shoes will offer you more stability, flexibility, and balance. After all, golf is a hard enough game as it is, and the last thing that you need when you swing the club is to lose your stability. To make sure that the shoes you are wearing are suitable for the game of golf, read the following lines to find out exactly what type of shoes you must look for.

Broad base

When you swing, you’re static. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to maintain your balance. But this can’t be achieved if you wear running shoes or other types of athletic shoes on your feet when you’re on the golf course. The right shoes that will help you maintain good balance when you swing are the shoes that have a broad base, having a larger sole than other types of athletic shoes.

Built-in stabilizer

For the shoes that you are wearing to help you maintain your stability throughout the swing, they must have a built-in stabilizer. This stabilizer is generally located along the side of the arches. What it does is that it helps keep your feet in place, avoiding the shifting and sliding that would occur without it. Another element that you should look for when buying golf shoes is for them to have spikes. The spikes will come in handy when you will be faced with an uneven or wet turf.


Not all the courses that you will play on will be flat, a lot of them being hilly and irregular. As you take a swing from a slope, you need freedom in movement. This can only be provided by shoes that are flexible. Therefore, when you go out looking for the perfect golf shoes, look for a pair that has a supple and flexible design.


A game of golf can last for a lot of hours, and you will have to walk big distances during the time you play. Inevitably, your feet will start to sweat and you will feel uncomfortable as you walk if you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes. Golf shoes must allow your foot to breathe. This will prevent you from feeling like your feet are on fire, and it will prevent sweating as well.