Simple Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

If you are a beginner golfer, you probably aren’t used to the golf equipment types or brands so it’s hard for you to know what you need to carry in your golf bag. The situation gets even more complicated when you discover how many items have revolutionized the world of golf and how wide the array of choice has become. To make things easier, we have sorted some simple tips for buying the right golf equipment you need for improving your game.

Choosing golf clubs

  • Golf clubs come in a variety of models like irons, woods, drivers, putters, wedges, and hybrids and given the variety, you can’t go for one size to fit all models. Each model must have the right size, weight, and shape so it will deliver the right performance.
  • When you buy a driver, choose shorter over longer because a long driver will keep you from achieving a good shot. Most pro golfers play with 45-in drivers in order to hit squarely, so you should take their example as well.
  • Hybrids are great golf clubs that can easily replace another golf club but the trick is to match them to the one they will replace. Most hybrids replace irons but you can also find models that replace fairway woods.
  • When you select your wedge, think about the curse you will be using it to make sure it will adapt to its type and shape. If the greens are small, you need plenty of loft, if the bunkers are filled with sand, you need more bounce while firm turf requires less bounce from your wedge.
  • Buying the right golf putter is about choosing the perfect length, loft, and lie angle that will help you achieve great shots. If these three aspects are missed, your putter will push and pull and the ball will roll off-line.

Choosing golf balls

  • If you have ever wondered why golf balls have those little dimples on them, you should know that they help the ball travels longer distances by breaking the air around it. A smooth ball will be slowed down by the air and would not manage to hit the hole, which is why golf balls have dimples on their surface.
  • When choosing golf balls, you have to pay attention to their construction because golf balls are made of various layers of plastic and rubber ranging from one to five layers. The construction type influences their spin and distance and matches different types of golf clubs.
  • You can always choose lake balls, which are balls recovered from the bottoms of lakes on golf courses, because they are less expensive and you can get the chance to find really good items. However, you must be aware that they travel shorter distances than brand new golf balls.