Inspirational Golf Quotes

When you can’t seem to improve your golf game or you are disappointed that you are losing a game, an inspirational quote could raise your moral and make you more confident. Many golf players have won many games while keeping some words in mind and so can you if you look for the ones that will offer you ambition. The following inspirational golf quotes have lasted in time as they have been of great help for many.

Bobby Jones said this in his attempt to encourage people to treat the obstacles in golf like they treat obstacles in life because the bad shots in golf are similar to the ones we face every day.

Lee Trevino tried to express his emotions while he was playing to win a game that could bring him earnings he needed. It shows the struggles of every player in achieving their best performance and winning money that will pay for the efforts.

Gary Player believed that each golf player needs to master the focus skills and to practice so hard to improve their game. When you are impatient, think of the calmness a golf player needs to have and you will achieve your patience.

These were Bruce Crampton’s words on the sacrifices a golf player needs to make in order to focus all their attention on playing the game.

Tiger Woods refers to the good behavior and etiquette implied by golf and how a real player must act. Golf players need to behave on the golf course regardless their achievements and no victory can make up for cheating or being rude.

Arnold Palmer said this to highlight once more that golf is a fair game and that everyone needs to focus on their performance only. You should pick sides nor should you play dirty in order to win a golf game.

Dr. Bob Rotella refers to how unpredictable a golf game can be and how confident a player needs to be while playing a game. This shows the surprises in golf and the fact that things can evolve in different ways that the player can’t foresee.

Amy Alcott advises players to maintain their optimism and to see the fun side of golf even when they miss a shot.