How to Dress on the Golf Course

Golf is a traditional sport and whether you like it or not, you must look like a real golfer if you plan on playing this sport. So, if you want to become a respectful golfer you must know the appropriate golf attire. If you don’t know how to dress on the golf course, here are some essential components of a golfer’s attire:

The clothes

The polo shirt is the most common element on a golf outfit. Usually, this type of shirts are made of cotton, so your skin can breathe. Actually, if you choose a polo shirt, you will feel comfortable and you won’t look very formal. You can also choose a polo t-shirt or a sweater, depending on the weather. It’s recommended to have a sweater in your bag because it will keep you warm if the weather turns on you. For women, the best choices are the short tennis skirts or tights, and men can wear slacks or a pair of nice khaki shorts. Make sure you wear the right clothes, because if you go to a golf course, the golf club can send you home for an inappropriate outfit.

The shoes

The shoes are one of the most important pieces of your golf wardrobe. You must feel comfortable and they are essential for your performance. Make sure you have shoes with metal or plastic spikes. The golf shoes with plastic spikes are softer and less harmful. You can even personalize your shoes because you will find many types of cleats. So, you have options for size, color, style, gender, and age. Moreover, you can also wear a pair of running shoes but you will notice the difference between normal shoes and special golf shoes. You won’t have the same stability using normal running shoes.

The accessories

Wearing a hat is optional, but if the sun is out, it is necessary. This item can be worn by both women and men. You can opt for a straw hat or for visors, but the most important thing is to wear a hat which can protect your face from the sun. You should opt for a pair of sunglasses if the weather is sunny. Keep in mind to choose sunglasses which fit your face.

Inappropriate items

There are several piece of clothing that you should avoid, such as denim, sandals or trainers. The denim clothes will be too stiff and you will have a casual look wearing them. Trainers may be more suited for other sports, but for golf, they are too loose. Make sure you avoid the sandals because they are not comfortable and they won’t provide you with stability.