Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?

Golf is a sport that can help you develop many of your senses, and it can also help you concentrate very well. Can golf help you lose weight? If you want to find out the answer to this question, then you must definitely take a look at this article, and once you have read it, you can draw your own conclusion.

What is the number of calories burned when playing golf?

Can golf help you lose weight? Let’s find out. Some studies have shown that in only 30 minutes of carrying clubs and playing golf, 165 calories can be burned for a 125-lb person, 244 calories for an 185-lb person, and 2015 calories for a 155-lb person. Furthermore, if a 125-lb person plays golf for 30 minutes with a cart, 105 calories will be burned. A 155-lb person will burn 130 calories, and an 185-lb person will burn 155 calories. Studies have also shown that regular golf sessions for about 20 weeks, will certainly have a positive impact on body fat levels, including a considerable reduction in weight of 1.5 kg, a reduction abdominal skin fold thickness of 2.2 cm, and a reduced waist measurement of 2.3 cm, which is without a doubt, a great result. In case you want to burn a lot more calories than this, then you obviously need to play golf for a longer period of time, walk the whole course, and also carry your own clubs. By doing so, you can certainly burn lots of calories, and therefore, lose the desired weight.

How can you burn a lot more calories?

As mentioned earlier, if you play golf for longer periods of time, you have lots of chances to achieve your goal. In case you do not have enough free time to play golf that often, then you could combine this type of exercise with a very healthy diet which will help you lose the desired weight. You could go for salads, which are definitely very healthy, and avoid as much as you can any type of sweets or sugared drinks. Water is very important and you must not forget to hydrate yourself properly, on the golf course as well. Walking the whole course, instead of using a golf cart, and carrying your own clubs, will also help you burn many calories, and therefore, be very close to your goal. Keep in mind to use a fitness tracker and a body fat analyzer as well, in order to set your goals and track all the modifications your body suffers. Golf is definitely a social and fun sport which will not only keep you entertained, but it will also help you lose the extra weight, keep yourself fit, and therefore, improve your health. Therefore, it is highly recommended to practice it regularly.