Best Golf Players in History

Golf is an extremely popular sport that has seen its fair share of amazing players throughout the years. If you’re a golf fan, you definitely want to find out which are the best golf players in history and what achievements they have. To inform yourself on this matter, continue to read this article.

Tiger Woods

There couldn’t be a “best of” in golf without mentioning the amazing Tiger Woods. He changed everyone’s perception regarding the fact that golf isn’t a profitable sport, being among the highest paid athletes in the world for several years. During his splendid career, Woods has won 14 professional major golf championships, and 79 PGA Tour events. He is the youngest golf player to achieve the career Grand Slam title and the only golfer who has won both the Silver Medal and the Gold Medal at the Open Championship of golf. He has broken an astounding number of records, holding the number 1 ranking longer than any other player in golf history. Also, he was awarded the PGA Player of the Year award for a record 11 times.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is credited as being the greatest striker in golf history due to the amazing swing that he mastered. Hogan was very hard working, achieving his impressive results through constant work over his swing mechanics and technique. In 1953, he won 5 out of the 6 tournaments that he participated in. Among the 5 titles were included 3 major championships. The victories that he achieved that year later came to be known as the “Hogan Slam”. During his career, he won 9 professional major golf championships and 64 PGA Tour events.

Jack Nicklaus

Many consider Jack Nicklaus as being the best golf player in history due to his amazing and prosperous career. He played as a professional golfer for 23 years. In his career, the American golfer won 73 titles, including 18 major championship titles, and 6 Masters titles. Also, he completed the career Grand Slam a record 4 times. It’s these incredible stats that make a lot of people see him as being the best player of all time.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is one of the best golf players in history. He helped popularize and commercialize this sport throughout his career. During his fulminant career, Palmer managed to win 7 major championships, 4 of which were Masters titles. Also, he won an impressive total of 62 PGA Tour titles. In 1974, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame due to his incredible results and overall perfect game.