Best Golf Drivers of 2016

Drivers have been in the world of golf since forever because they are comfortable to use and can adapt to the game style of various players. Given this popularity, it’s hard to decide which one is the best driver. Still, we’ve tried to make a top of the best golf drivers of 2016 so you will know which are the latest and most advanced golf clubs you can rely on.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Black Diamond

This driver is one of the top choices offered by a reliable manufacturer that has been in the golf field for a very long time. Their history has helped them understand what golfer like and that is small tweaks. The gravity core of the driver consists of two positions for the weighted cylinder that allow you to select how to distribute weight. The cylinder can go in the heel or toe and it can be flipped with the heavy side up or down to match any player’s game preferences. This freedom in adjusting the driver results in a higher performance of the club and great ball trajectory.

Cobra King F6

Drivers with such a large address profile usually emphasize forgiveness and this particular driver is great at it thanks to the quality materials it’s made of. The carefully selected lightweight titanium alloy in the face and crown offers the driver a great stability on off-center hits. The large size has also enabled the manufacturer to juggle with the two adjustable weight settings. In simpler words, by flipping the 10-gram weight to the back, you will achieve a higher shot while placing the weight on the front will deliver a lower flight with less spin. Each of the eight loft settings on the driver’s adjustable hosel offers you offers you two ball flights.

Nike Vapor Flex 440

While most drivers are made entirely of titanium, this model saves on weight by using a much lighter yet resistant material. The Nike Vapor Flex 440 is made of a light carbon fiber reinforced with the resin polymer Nike golf balls are made of. Given the lightweight material, the driver saves mass and makes room for an adjustable weight slug. This moves the center of gravity from the front to the back to achieve a higher launch when the heavy end is in the back and a lower spin when the heavy end is in the front. The driver also offers a more flexible sole channel which makes it more forgiving while spinning less.